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20/12/2014   19th Knesset, Third Session, Pre-Election Recess
Knesset speaker says EU court`s decision to remove Hamas from list of terror groups a ”moral distortion”
Responding to the EU court`s ruling that Hamas should no longer be included on the list of international terrorist organizations, Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said the European Union ”has apparently lost its head.” The decision, he added, is a ”moral distortion which constitutes a prize for the extremist Islamic terror, which strikes everywhere in the world, including Europe itself”

MK Israel Hasson of Kadima submits letter of resignation to Knesset Speaker
Hasson, a member of the Kadima faction, has served as an MK since 2006. He was recently appointed chairman of the Israel Antiquities Authority and is expected to assume his duties soon. Ronit Tirosh, who served as an MK in the 17th and 18th Knessets, is expected to replace him in parliament. Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein to Hasson: ”We were together in three Knessets, and I am sorry about the resignation, but I know where you are headed and I wish you success”

Press Releases
17/12/2014 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein: EU court`s decision to remove Hamas from list of terror groups a ”moral distortion and a prize for terror”
16/12/2014 - MK Israel Hasson submits letter of resignation to Knesset Speaker
14/12/2014 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein hosts Air Supply members at the parliament building
14/12/2014 - Raleb Majadele to serve as MK instead of Binyamin Ben-Eliezer
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Tours of the Knesset during the winter assembly

Honored visitors,

Tours of the Knesset will be held as normal. The Chagall State Hall and the artist`s tapestries are under renovation and therefore the tour will not include a visit there. Thank you for understanding. We wish you an enjoyable and pleasant visit.

On the Public Agenda
”We must not underestimate an act as vile as this,” Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein said with regards to the posting on Facebook of fabricated photos depicting President Reuven Rivlin, Police Commissioner Yohanan Danino and former ministers Tzipi Livni, Yair Lapid and Michael Eitan in Nazi uniforms. ”We must all remember that freedom of expression is not freedom to incite”

Minister of Labor Golda Meir reports on the hard living conditions in the transit camps, caused by flooding from heavy rains, and suggests that the Public Service Committee and the Labor Committee should deal with the issue immediately. The Minister of Labor emphasized that ”In order to ensure that food, medical services, educational services, teachers, doctors and nurses are able to reach the transit camps it is necessary to arrange special transportation to the camps.”

MK Moshe Nissim....

In the Committees
22/12/2014 09:00 - 1. Judges Bill (amendment - qualifications of judges), 2014 by MK Elazar Stern and MK Aliza...(canceled)
22/12/2014 10:00 - Fight against Terror Bill, 2011 - preparation for a second and third reading(canceled)
22/12/2014 11:00 - Government control over the diamond industry - the State Comptroller's Report 65a, pp. 455(canceled)
23/12/2014 09:00 - Agenda Pending(canceled)
23/12/2014 11:00 - Request for the State Comptroller's opinion on the topic: Ethics rules and oversight over conflicts...(canceled)
23/12/2014 11:30 - Debt Collection Bill (amendment - debt collection with regards to decisions of the appeals...(canceled)
24/12/2014 09:00 - Limiting Access to the Internet in Order to Prevent Crime, 2014 - preparation for a second and...(canceled)
24/12/2014 10:30 - 1. The Center for the Collection of Fines, Fees and Debts Order (setting a fund), 2014 2. The...(canceled)
29/12/2014 10:00 - Fight against Terror Bill, 2011 - preparation for a second and third reading(canceled)
29/12/2014 12:00 - Presentation of the Education Ministry Budget by the Minister of Education(canceled)
30/12/2014 09:00 - 1. Interpretation Bill (amendment - the definition of discrimination due to sexual identity or...(canceled)
30/12/2014 10:30 - Companies Regulations (special provisions regarding public benefit companies that are national...(canceled)
30/12/2014 11:00 - Rehabilitation of the cemetery on the Mount of Olives, development and security - follow up meeting(canceled)
30/12/2014 12:00 - Bill for the Regulation of Partnership Ordinances (No. 5) (corporate governance of public limited...(canceled)
31/12/2014 09:00 - Courts Regulations (list of mediators), 2014(canceled)
31/12/2014 09:00 - 1. Discriminatory policies against students in academic institutions outside of the budget. Motion...(canceled)
31/12/2014 10:00 - Motion for the agenda by MK Tamar Zandberg: "Student Rights - prohibition of discrimination against...(canceled)
6/1/2015 09:00 - The education system's attempts to deal with the threat of electromagnetic radiation - continuing...
6/1/2015 11:00 - Professional Education(canceled)
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