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05/07/2015   20th Knesset, First Session, Summer Assembly
State Control Cmte chairperson: ”Too soon to gloat about outcome of recent Gaza-bound flotilla”
During a State Control Committee meeting on the Navy`s recent interception of a Gaza-bound flotilla, Chairwoman MK Elharrar emphasized that ”the Security Cabinet ministers are very busy individuals, and when faced with defense decisions that affect the lives of people, the NSC must ensure that they have internalized all of the necessary information.” MK Shelah warned that Cabinet members ”do not have enough knowledge to prepare for future confrontations”

Shin Bet chief at the Knesset: Organized terror finding it difficult to carry out attacks
While briefing the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, headed by MK Tzachi Hanegbi, Shin Bet chief Yoram Cohen said Israel`s efforts, coupled with the relatively stable economy in Judea and Samaria, are key factors in maintaining stability in the region in the face of what he referred to as a lack of a diplomatic horizon, international developments and Hamas` efforts. In Gaza, Hamas is in strategic distress and its status as the sovereign power has been eroded, he asserted

Press Releases
2/7/2015 - State Control Cmte chairperson: ”Too soon to gloat about outcome of recent Gaza-bound flotilla”
1/7/2015 - Defense Minister Ya`alon: Exclusion of women from military ceremony ”error in judgment”
1/7/2015 - Shin Bet chief to Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: Organized terror finding it difficult to carry out attacks
30/6/2015 - PM Netanyahu at Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee: ”No need for the entrance of small ships into Gaza”
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On the Public Agenda
During an Education Committee debate on the BDS campaign, with the participation of researchers and university heads, Committee Chairman MK Yakov Margi said ”If the countries of Europe are not driven by universal values and not by humanitarian values – what is motivating them? I have no doubt that this is the old evil anti-Semitism.” MK Hanin Zoabi: ”There is a crime whose name is occupation, and the whole world recognizes it”

The Knesset discusses the development of relations with the European Community and economic preparations for eliminating tariffs on European products. MK Abba Eban: ”Israel has no reason to belittle itself in the face of European wonders that exist in various aspects of life. But with regards to raising the level of production and increasing resources, (as well as the) creation of new economic energy in a short amount of time - Europe is the example, the anvil, the natural arena for momentum that can strengthen the State of Israel.”

From "Anshei Knesset Hagedola."...

In the Committees
5/7/2015 09:30 - Touring the absorption center in Mevaseret Zion
6/7/2015 09:00 - Work accidents in the construction industry
6/7/2015 09:30 - Motion for the agenda by MK Jamal Zahalka, MK Yifat Shasha-Biton and MK Micky Rosenthal "Central...
6/7/2015 10:00 - VAT Regulations (amendment), 2015
6/7/2015 10:00 - Gas Market Regulations (promoting competition) (Rules regarding general automated filling devices),...
6/7/2015 10:00 - Checking on the implementation of the Rights for the Victims of Crimes Law, 2001
6/7/2015 10:00 - Presentation of third sector programs in the fields of education and the employment of...
6/7/2015 10:30 - Motion for the agenda by MK Roy Folkman and MK Yoseph Yonah "Non-implementation of the program to...
6/7/2015 10:30 - 1. Motion for an urgent debate by MK Micky Rosenthal "A serious deficiency in the standards of...
6/7/2015 10:45 - Income Tax Regulations (vehicle use equivalents) (ordinance), 2015
6/7/2015 11:00 - 1. The lack of use of social rights - State Comptroller's Report 65c pp. 3 2. "Tevel" project for...
6/7/2015 11:30 - 1. Approval for Public Institutions with regards to section 46 of the Income Tax Ordinances 2....
6/7/2015 12:00 - Natural Gas Sector outline presented by the Minister of Energy
6/7/2015 12:00 - Report from Hashava the Holocaust Restitution Company of Israel in accordance with 34 (b1) on the...
6/7/2015 12:30 - Motion for an urgent debate by MK Ahmad Tibi "Access to research and life-saving drugs"
7/7/2015 09:00 - One year since Operation Protective Edge - the demographic blooming in the southern towns
7/7/2015 09:00 - One year since Operation Protective Edge: Follow up on the care by the rehabilitation branch for...
7/7/2015 09:00 - Preparedness of the army reserve system - State Comptroller Report 65b, pp. 3
7/7/2015 09:30 - Motion for the agenda by MK Itzik Shmuli, MK Nurit Koren and MK Roy Folkman "Enforcement of the...
7/7/2015 09:45 - Creating a Subcommittee for Public Transportation
7/7/2015 10:00 - Discount on water tariffs for the handicapped
7/7/2015 10:00 - Railroad Regulations (Information on the train at the national information center for public...
7/7/2015 10:00 - Debt Collection Regulations (fees and expenses) (amendment No.), 2015
7/7/2015 10:00 - Completing the immigration of the Jews remaining in Ethiopia(canceled)
7/7/2015 10:00 - One year since Operation Protective Edge: Trauma centers in Sderot and the towns surrounding Gaza
7/7/2015 10:00 - Enforcement over using and selling of drugs - an updated picture
7/7/2015 10:15 - Debt Collection Regulations (amendment No. 46), 2015
7/7/2015 10:30 - Motion for an urgent debate by MK Mickey Levy "The establishment of a waste disposal building...
7/7/2015 11:00 - Israeli robotics initiative - presentation of Israeli robots
7/7/2015 11:00 - The status of bereaved siblings
7/7/2015 11:30 - Compensation and budget transfers - part of the Knesset's marking of the start of Operation...
7/7/2015 11:30 - 1. Motion for an urgent debate by MK Jamal Zahalka "Racism at the Alber Company: Not renting cars...
7/7/2015 11:30 - Travel delays due to clarifications regarding the Rav Kav card
7/7/2015 12:00 - 1. Motion for an urgent debate by MK Yoel Razvozov "Holding sporting events on the Sabbath" 2....
7/7/2015 13:00 - Preventing violence and loitering amongst teenagers during the summer and the authorities'...
7/7/2015 14:00 - The state prosecution's, the Israel Lands Authority and the Planning Authorities policy to thwart...
7/7/2015 14:00 - 1. The state prosecution, the Israel Lands Authority and the Planning Authorities' policy to thwart...
7/7/2015 14:30 - Submitting the Public Ombudsman report No. 41
7/7/2015 14:30 - Debate
8/7/2015 09:00 - Israel Electric Company reforms
8/7/2015 09:00 - Strengthening sovereignty and security in Jerusalem by transferring army colleges to the city and...(canceled)
8/7/2015 09:00 - Enforcing environmental quality laws within the defense community
8/7/2015 09:00 - Pending Agenda
8/7/2015 09:00 - Motion for an urgent debate by MK Sofa Landver "Damage to Holocaust survivors after certain...
8/7/2015 09:00 - Identification committees in the public service - State Comptroller Report 61b, pp. 27 - follow up...
8/7/2015 09:30 - 1. The non-application of the "Information technology management for bank accounts" provisions to...
8/7/2015 09:30 - Motion for the agenda by MK Dov Khenin, MK Yoav Ben-Tzur, MK Anat Berko, MK Merav Ben Ari, MK...
8/7/2015 09:30 - 1. Motion for an urgent debate by MK Aliza Lavie "Aspects of gender in the Israeli state...
8/7/2015 09:30 - Public Bodies Transactions Bill (amendment - The obligation to use computerized documents), 2015 by...
9/7/2015 10:00 - Visiting the air force base in Hatzerim
13/7/2015 09:30 - 1. Consumer Protection Bill (amendment - sending a payment warning to a customer), 2015 by MK Uri...
13/7/2015 10:30 - Interim findings - Subcommittee on the Prevention of Family Violence report
13/7/2015 11:30 - Implementation of the Israel Lands Authority Law
15/7/2015 09:30 - Foreign bank loans (the gray market)
20/7/2015 12:00 - Danger of closing Reka Radio
21/7/2015 11:00 - Housing assistance to those who are eligible - State Comptroller Report 65c, pp. 431
27/7/2015 11:00 - State actions for the protection of the rights of low-wage workers - State Comptroller Report 65c,...
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