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01/09/2015   20th Knesset, First Session, Summer Recess
During UN speech, Knesset Speaker urges regional cooperation; says ”peace talks will surely follow”
Edelstein presents ”Green Knesset” project at the IPU`s Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament, challenges colleagues to make ”similar efforts” to protect the environment. Addressing ”friends and neighbors” in the Middle East, he says: ”Come to Jerusalem. Come to the Knesset. Let’s talk water. Let’s talk clean air. Let’s talk prosperity. Let’s talk partnerships. And peace? And borders? These talks, I assure you, will follow.” Click on headline for the full speech

Knesset Speaker to Fox News: ”If Iran deal approved, nuclear race just around the corner”
Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, who is in New York for the Fourth World Conference of Speakers of Parliament at the UN, tells American news channel that much of the money that will flow into Iran with the lifting of the sanctions will be used to fund Hezbollah, Hamas and ”other proxies in Syria”; says deal would lead to ”perfect nightmare” scenario in the Middle East, in which ”three, four or five countries are rapidly developing nuclear potential.” Click on headline to view the full interview

Press Releases
1/9/2015 - At UN inter-parliamentary conference, Knesset Speaker Edelstein urges Israel`s neighbors to ”come to Jerusalem” and discuss regional cooperation; says ”peace talks will surely follow”
30/8/2015 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein warns UN chief Ban against Iran nuclear deal: ”I believe someone when he says he wants to destroy us”
26/8/2015 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein ahead of inter-parliamentary conference at the UN: ”International legitimacy that Iran receives bolsters its terror machine”
18/8/2015 - Knesset Speaker Edelstein announces special plenary session during recess in order to pass state budget in first reading
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The Knesset will be closed from Monday, August 17 through Tuesday, September 1 due to the parliament`s summer recess

On the Public Agenda
Speaking during a special plenary session to honor the memory of the Revisionist Zionist leader Ze’ev Jabotinsky, PM Netanyahu said the deal was ”bad on all counts” and criticized the Western powers for their ”willingness to accept tyrannical regimes.” Speaker Edelstein: ”This agreement is the beginning of the collapse of the Western wall of resistance against the murderous takeover of radical Islam”

Knesset Speaker Yosef Sprinzak announces: ”We’ve received the first budget of the State of Israel. I`m glad that I’ve had the privilege to attend this meeting and I wish to bless “Who has given us life” and “Who will give us life”.

11 women in the First Knesset and 21 in the Eighteenth Knesset....

In the Committees
1/9/2015 08:00 - Opening of school year in special education institutions(canceled)
3/9/2015 11:00 - Examination of the readiness of the Transportation Ministry and public transport companies to...
9/9/2015 12:30 - 1. Continued debate on cooperation between the police and the Fire and Rescue Services
10/9/2015 10:30 - Variables according to which the compulsory car insurance fee will be determined - updating the...
10/9/2015 10:30 - Variables according to which the compulsory car insurance fee will be determined - updating the...
16/9/2015 12:00 - Tour in Or Akiva - redevelopment projects
21/9/2015 10:00 - 1. Joint meeting of the Special Committee to discuss the National Authority for Urban Renewal Bill,...
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