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01/09/2014   19th Knesset, Second Session, Summer Recess
Record number of foreign parliament heads visit the Knesset during 2nd session
A sharp rise in the number of visits by foreign parliament heads and other top officials was recorded during the Israeli legislature`s summer session; some 60 high-level delegations from close to 30 countries arrived at the Knesset. Bulgaria`s prime minister and the foreign ministers of Italy and Rwanda were among the distinguished guests of Knesset Speaker Yuli-Yoel Edelstein. Many delegations expressed solidarity with Israel amid operation ”Protective Edge” in Gaza

Analysis: The Knesset in Israeli democracy
Prof. Reuven Hazan, head of the Political Science Department at Hebrew University, compares the Knesset`s authority to that of other legislatures around the world and explains the electoral process in the State of Israel. ”The Knesset is the seat of all political power in Israel, and it is one of the most powerful legislative bodies in the democratic world,” he writes, while noting that never in Israel’s 19 elections, over 66 years, has a party won a majority of seats in parliament

Press Releases
24/8/2014 - Recap: Visits to the Knesset by senior foreign officials
21/8/2014 - Labor Committee extends period in which residents of Gaza vicinity communities can collect unemployment
17/8/2014 - Public Petitions Committee`s sums up activity during Knesset`s summer session
14/8/2014 - Internal Affairs Committee head MK Regev: ”Conversion process should be eased, but Israel`s unity must be preserved”
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Knesset closed to visitors in September
Throughout the month of September there will be no guided tours of the Knesset for the general public due to the summer recess and renovations that are being done in the parliament building. For additional information, please contact the Knesset Visitors Center at 02-6753337

On the Public Agenda
Police official tells Knesset committee at least one of the recent incidents in which a synagogue was set on fire was nationalistically motivated; MK Tsur says investigations into phenomenon not yielding impressive results. MK Feiglin: ”Attacks on our holy places begin in the most sacred place – the Temple Mount”

The Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance issue a statement on the state of Jews in Morocco and on immigration from North Africa. PM Moshe Sharett: ”The government of Israel is convinced that the French authorities are aware of their duty to preserve and protect the lives and property of the Jewish minority in Morocco and guarantee their (Jews`) freedom to make aliyah to (Israel) under any regime that is established.”

Next to the planned convention center ("Binyanei Hauma")....

In the Committees
1/9/2014 09:00 - 1. Starting the school year in the city of Lod 2. Tour of Bank Leumi's Keshev branch
3/9/2014 10:00 - Bill to amend the Partnership Ordinance (No. 5) (corporate regime in limited public partnership),...
3/9/2014 10:00 - Tour and meeting at Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. to examine integration of immigrants -...
3/9/2014 11:00 - Regulating activities of IDF's casualties branch; Katzin Ha'ir (officer of the city) and the...
9/9/2014 10:00 - Technological-scientific solutions to the tunnels problem
9/9/2014 11:00 - Party regulations (updating and verification of party members' identification details from the...
9/9/2014 13:00 - Regulations of the Israel Bar Association (providing legal assistance to people with limited...
16/9/2014 09:30 - Bringing children to Israel (by people other than their parents), State Comptroller's report, p....
21/9/2014 10:00 - Energy sources regulations (maximum electricity output when a digital TV converter is in active...
21/9/2014 10:30 - Energy sources regulations (minimal optic efficiency for light fixtures), 2014
21/9/2014 11:30 - Traffic regulations, 2013, regarding driving a motorized cart, parking a car, seatbelts,...
21/9/2014 12:15 - Traffic regulations (change to first, fourth, seventh and ninth addendums to ordinance), 2013, with...
21/9/2014 13:00 - Traffic regulations, 2013, regarding obligation to hire safety officer and his authority - 1....
22/9/2014 10:00 - Parole Bill (amendment no. 14) (Lifer who was convicted of an unusually severe murder), 2014, by...
22/9/2014 12:00 - Freedom of Information Bill (amendment No. 10) (applying guidelines to institutions of higher...
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The 120 Knesset members are elected directly by the public to four-year terms. They represent all of the State of Israel's citizens.
Assembly of all the Knesset members in order to vote on bills, debate issues of national concern, and more. The Plenum is the central body of the Knesset, and has the highest authority within it.
In the various committees, the Knesset members discuss issues presented by the Knesset Presidium and the Plenum, as well as issues on the public agenda. They also prepare bills and approve them for a debate at the Knesset Plenum.

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