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HaBayit HaYehudi

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Contact Information

Telephone: (02) 02-6496119
Fax: (02) 02-5610997

Current Composition in the Knesset

Chairman: Naftali Bennett
Number of Seats: 12
Current Knesset Members:
Uri Yehuda Ariel   Eli Ben-Dahan   Naftali Bennett   Yoni Chetboun   Hillel Ilan Horowitz  
Zvulun Kalfa   Shuli Moalem-Refaeli   Ayelet Shaked   Nissan Slomiansky   Orit Strock  
Avi Wortzman   Mordhay Yogev  


 Hillel Ilan Horowitz  (16/2/2015 - replaced Uri Orbach)

More Information:

Faction Director: Tamar Knafo

Faction Secretary-General: Uri Y. Bank

State Symbol - Menora and Olive Branches
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