The Knesset at Work

Ceremonial Events at the Knesset

In addition to the plenum's current work, ceremonial events take place in it. The opening sitting of every new Knesset is a festive event which takes place in the presence of the President of the State, the holders of other state offices, former Knesset members and the diplomatic corps.

King Carlos of Spain speaking to the Knesset plenum, 9.11.1993.

Polish President, Lech Valesa, speaking at the Rose Garden, 20.5.1991.

After the Knesset elects the President of the State or the State Comproller, the elected personages may speak before the plenum. Eulogies for Knesset Members who have passed away are usually given by the Speaker, but also by other Knesset Members.

The plenum may also dedicate a sitting in honor of a former Knesset Member, as in the case of the sitting that took place on October 25 1971, to mark the 85th birthday of former Prime Minister David Ben Gurion. The Knesset may invite visitors from abroad to speak before the plenum, and these speeches are usually delivered in the language of the visitor.

US President Bill Clinton, speaking to the Knesset plenum, 27.10.1994.

French Premier Jacques Chirac, speaking in the Chagall Hall, 1.11.1987.

The most famous speeches delivered by the presidents of foreign states was that by President Anwar Sadat of Egypt on November 20, 1977 ,and the speech by US President Bill Clinton on October 27, 1994, immediately after the signing of the Israeli-Jordanian peace treaty.

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